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TWH-100 series Personal Radios

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  • Fully integration with tactical radios and intercommunication systems;
  • Voice conference between users (4 users can talk simultaneously in this conference and the remaining can listen); 1 user is able to keep data transmission with 4 users in conference;
  • Low probability of interception (LPI) waveform by use of DSSS (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum);
  • AES encryption of voice and data with configurable keys;
  • Voice prompt menus for easily guidance instructions and settings;
  • Local erase and remote destruction;
  • Cloning over the air (user key renew or new mission configuration without need physical connection to a computer);
  • Configurable user network priorities (ex. Commander's radio can do break in, radio silence, CNR access, etc.);
  • Embedded GPS/Glonass receiver for automatic GPS report;
  • Multiple PTT’s inputs (Two PTTs buttons in the transceiver and two additional PTT inputs from the headset interface) for differentiated access such as TWH network, intercom network and radio network;
  • Integrated VOX and whisper modes;
  • Mono or stereo operation capabilities (dependent on the headset and the system connected to the gateway)
  • Two data ports available (RS232 or USB);
  • Alarm inputs (available in the data transmission capable versions);
  • Compatible with standard AA Batteries, Alkaline or rechargeable NiMH/Li-Ion cells (chargeable without being removed from the equipment);
  • Water tightness at 1m depth.


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