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BLC-201 Field Telephone

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The BLC-201 Field Telephone is a rugged, lightweight and waterproof analogue telephone set designed according to military requirements and suitable for connection to manual (magneto) or automatic 2-wire switchboards, to a similar telephone or directly to the public telephone network (PSTN).

The telephone electronics concept is based on DSP technology and uses a high efficiency electronic ring generator to ensure low power consumption and long battery life; it can operate in Common Battery (CB), Common Battery Signalling (CBS) and Local Battery (LB) modes, as selected by the user. When operating in LB or CBS modes, the BLC-201 Field Telephone is powered by a pack of four ‘C’ size (IEC-LR14) Ni-MH rechargeable or alkaline battery cells. Batteries are not required in CB mode.

A slim and lightweight military standard handset with push-to-talk switch allows easy operation even by personnel wearing helmets. Silent calls are allowed with extra microphone amplification by selecting ‘whisper’ mode of operation.



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