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CD-116 Field Digital Switchboard

Main Features
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Interfaces and Capacity

  • Up to 64 analogue interfaces for CB, CBS and LB telephones
  • Up to 4 Radio Interfaces (voice, PTT and squelch)  
  • Up to 4 E&M Interfaces (4 or 6 wires)
  • Up to 16 CO interfaces for legacy PBX or analogue PSTN
  • Up to 3 PRI ISDN, G.703 interfaces
  • Up to 4 BRI ISDN Interfaces

Automatic Call Establishment:
   - CB or CBS telephones with Pulse or DTMF dialling
   - Radio and LB telephones with DTMF dialling
Operator Assisted Calls:
   - CB, CBS and LB telephones and radios

Hot Line (fixed destination)

Broadcast calls

Call Parking

Consultation and Call Swapping

Call Waiting (Camp on), Call Hold and Call Transfer

Call Forwarding

Three Party and Extended Conference Call

Call Priority and Pre-emption

EURO ISDN Services

Built-in self-test (BITE) for easy and fast diagnostics

Integrated AC and DC input power supply with automatic switching to battery backup, in case of AC mains failure

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