Marcos Lopes and Matos Luís decorated by the Portuguese Navy

Published 29 November 2017

EID is proud to announce that, on November 27, at the Navy Headquarters, its Managing Director, António Sérgio Marcos Lopes, and the Manager of the Naval Communications Business Unit, Manuel Matos Luís, were bestowed with the Naval Cross 1st Class Military Medal.

The Navy Chief of Staff, Admiral António Silva Ribeiro, considers that "the competence and sensitivity for the public cause, the importance in the development and national progress and also for the action of the Navy" of António Marcos Lopes and "the activity developed [...] in favour of the cause of the sea and his detachment of material goods in favour of the collective, with direct benefit to the performance of the mission of the Portuguese Navy ships" of Manuel Matos Luís are circumstances that lead to the granting of the above mentioned medal.

This military award is intended for military and civilians, national or foreign, who in the technical-professional scope, reveal competence, performance and personal qualities that contribute in a relevant way to the efficiency, prestige and fulfilment of the mission of the Portuguese Navy.