EID strengthens relationship with the Bangladeshi Army

Published 28 July 2017

EID has been awarded a new contract by the Bangladeshi Army for the supply of CD-116/IP tactical field switchboards, valued at around €1 million.

The CD-116/IP offers interfaces for analogue and VoIP telephones, data terminals and combat net radios and multiple solutions for networking, from IP to ISDN and analogue alternatives, via radio relay, optical fibre, satellite and others. EID has supplied CD-116 switchboards to the Bangladeshi Army since 2011, with the latest being the seventh order of field communications equipment from the customer.

“EID is proud of this new award, which clearly shows the satisfaction of the Bangladeshi Army with the quality of our products and support services. We are committed to keep improving the relationship with our customers, making sure that they will continue placing new orders with us. This is our everyday challenge” said José Mendes, head of Marketing and Sales.