EID continues to supply field communications equipment during the pandemic

Published 14 September 2020

EID continued to supply its high-performance tactical communications solutions to its worldwide partners during the COVID-19 pandemic with the delivery of field communications equipment to the Bahrain Defence Force.

Following the contract signing at the end of 2019, in July 2020 EID supplied CD-116 Field Digital Switchboards, BLC-201 Field Telephones and accessories from the company’s widely-adopted field communications range.

The CD-116 switchboard is designed for tactical military applications requiring a single platform for
voice (analogue and IP) as well as data communications. Integrating a wide variety of both modern and legacy communication equipment, it offers full interoperability with radios, ISDN and/or IP networks, while keeping a small size and low weight, and so making it particularly suitable for operations requiring mobility, reliability and ease of maintenance.

The BLC-201 is a rugged, lightweight and waterproof analogue telephone suitable for military operations, enabling connection to manual or automatic switchboards such as the CD-116. It makes use of high efficiency electronics to ensure low power consumption and long battery life.

EID has supplied its field communications equipment, accessories and services to 15 armed forces across the globe and will continue to work closely with its valued partners to supply tactical and naval communications solutions. We express our gratitude to everyone involved in keeping EID’s service going during this critical time.