EID communications equipment program for UROVESA VTLB 4x4 vehicles nears its completion

Published 06 April 2020

Last March EID delivered to UROVESA the last batch of the basic configuration (which totals 107 systems), within the contract concerning communications ancillary equipment from EID’s GRC-525 multiband tactical radio family.

This is destined to equip the 4X4 VTLBs ordered by the Portuguese Army via NSPA to the abovementioned Spanish military vehicles manufacturer. The total number of vehicles equates to 139 and the program has been running smoothly.

The remaining 32 systems will include EID’s ICC-251 Intercom System, which is an extremely competitive system with excellent results also in the export market, where EID has also a long experience in vehicular communications, with strong sales in Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.