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Combat Net Radio

EID has a long tradition in the development and manufacturing of radio communications equipment as well as in the design and deployment of tactical communications systems, extensively used in combat scenarios and peace-keeping missions under NATO, European Union and United Nations sponsorship. Angola, Mozambique, Bosnia, Kosovo, Timor, Congo and Afghanistan are examples of successful missions where EID equipment played a vital role.

EID is among the first manufacturers who, worldwide, engaged in the development  of multi-band, multi-mode tactical radios, featuring fast frequency hopping, embedded encryption, GPS, ALE, Have Quick and IP data capabilities. Resorting to digital signal processing techniques, the PRC-525 is a software-defined tactical radio, covering the 1,5 to 512 MHz frequency range.

Accompanying the radio, a wide range of accessories is available: single and double vehicular 
docking stations with embedded 50W VHF linear power amplifiersconsoles for remote operation, 20W external HF ATU for vehicular applications, 50W VHF power combiners, transportable repeater stations and HF wire antennas. The PRC-525 has been standardized by the Portuguese Armed Forces, and it is also in use in a variety of countries.

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