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Naval Communications

EID provides state-of-the-art, high performance Fully Integrated Information and Communications Systems, meeting the most stringent requirements of any type of warship.

With ICCS as the core sub-system that glues together all the on-board communications equipment, the Fully Integrated Information and Communications Systems include all the equipment required to establish the different types of external and internal communication channels.


Naval Communications


The system was designed and developed specifically to provide an efficient ships communications management tool. With a high degree of automation, the ICCS has a modular and flexible architecture, capable of being tailored and configured to meet the communications requirements of any type of warship, from patrol boats and submarines to aircraft carriers.



ICCS is controlling communications on board 140+ warships. The following ships are equipped with EID communications systems:


Portuguese flag Portuguese Navy

- Bartolomeu Dias class frigates
- Viana do Castelo class offshore patrol vessels
- Tridente class submarines
- Vasco da Gama class frigates
- D. Carlos I class hydro-oceanographic vessels
- Baptista de Andrade class corvettes
- Sagres training ship
- Tejo class patrol ships

  Spanish flag Spanish Navy

- Álvaro de Bazán class frigates
- Galícia class LPDs
- Isaac Peral class submarines
- Juan Carlos I LHD
- Patiño and Cantábria AORs
- Meteoro class maritime action ships
- Segura class minehunters
- Príncipe de Astúrias aircraft carrier

Netherlands flag Royal Netherlands Navy

- De Zeven Provinciën class frigates
- M class frigates
- Rotterdam class LPDs 
- Karel Doorman joint support ship
- Holland class oceanic patrol vessels
- Snellius class survey ships
- Mercuur torpedo training ship
- Pelikaan Logistic support vessel

  Brazilian Navy

- Barroso Corvette
- São Paulo aircraft carrier
- Macaé class patrol vessels
  (first and second batches)

United Kingdom glag Royal Navy

- Bay Class LSDs
- Clyde OPV(H)
- River class OPVs
  (first and second batches)

  Australia flag Royal Australian Navy

- HMAS Choules LSD
- Hobart class AWD
- Auxiliary Replenishment ships

Malaysia flag Royal Malaysian Navy

- Gagah Samudera class training ships

  Indonesia flag Indonesian Navy

- (KCR-40) Clurit class patrol crafts
- (KCR-60) 
Sampari-class fast attack crafts
- (PC-40) Pari-class patrol boats
- Teluk Bintuni-class landing ship tanks
- Tarakan class oil tankers
- Fatahillah class corvettes
- Kapitan Pattimura class corvettes


 Philippines Navy

- Tarlac class strategic sealift vessels

    Belgian Navy

- M class frigates

 Algerian Navy Algerian Navy

- Kalaat Beni Hammed class ship

    Bahrain Defence Force

- RBNS Al-Zubarah